How to Measure Your Red Eye Tek® Downstem

Our sparkling collection of iridescent Metallic Terminator Downstems are available in lengths of 115mm130mm, 140mm, and 155mm. The only problem is, which one goes with your water pipe?

We've made it easy with three different methods to find the right downstem length for your bong. Learn more below!

Method #1 - Check the Website

We told you we make it easy!

You'll find a section on each product page called What's Included that lists a water pipe's replacement parts. If the replacement part is clickable, you can order it on our website. If it isn't, check out our Store Locator or use the live chat on our website and we'll assist you with finding a Red Eye Tek® retailer in your area.

Method #2 - The Pencil Technique

Can't find your Red Eye Tek® Water Pipe on the website? Here are some easy steps to measure the length of the downstem yourself.

Insert a pencil into the empty joint of your water pipe. Push it down until you reach the desired depth of your downstem and make sure the pencil is in line with the inner wall of the joint. Either hold your finger where the pencil meets the top of the joint or make a small mark on the pencil for reference. Now you just measure the pencil from the mark to the end and you'll find the length of your downstem! 

Method #3 - Ask Us

Have a question? We're always happy to help!.

Message us on Instagram at @redeyetekglass or email us using, or contact us using the live chat on the website.

Our team of space-glass aficionados are standing by ready to assist. Ask us anything including:

  • Which downstem you need for your water pipe
  • Personalized product recommendations
  • When your favourite product will be back in stock
  • Whether pineapple belongs on pizza (it most certainly does)

Have Any Questions?

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