7 Tips For Using Your Red Eye Tek® Pipe

Every Red Eye Tek® pipe is designed for appearance and function. That is why we are always looking to push the limits of glass smoking tech and elevate your smoke sesh to the next level.

Here are seven tips and tricks to try at home and help you achieve your highest smoking potential.

Keep it Clean

Simple, but very effective. A dirty pipe is a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria, so we recommend cleaning your pipe as often as possible. This will result in cleaner tasting tokes and improve the performance of your glass.

Unfortunately, the downsides of a dirty pipe aren't limited to health and taste. Ash and resin will clog your percolator and force you to pull harder, which reduces the effectiveness of your pipe's filtration system. By cleaning out unwanted debris, you will allow your pipe to reach its full potential with every hit.

Use an Ash Catcher

Attaching an ash catcher to your water pipe adds an extra layer of filtration and keeps your bong cleaner for longer. It is removable, easy to clean, and captures unwanted debris before it enters the chamber.

An ash catcher also allows you to add a percolator. Many classic Red Eye Tek® pieces don't include a built-in perc, and even if it does you're just adding another layer of filtration before the smoke reaches the mouthpiece. Healthier, cleaner, and easier to maintain.

Experiment With the Water Level

We often get asked why we don't suggest an optimal water level for your water pipe. The reason is simple: it's all about personal preference.

Adding more water can result in even cleaner, cooler smoke. Unfortunately, too much water will make it difficult to pull and can result in splashback towards the mouthpiece. Adding less water can result in hotter smoke, but less effort required to pull.

Our recommendation is to fill the chamber with enough water that it covers the diffuser slits of the downstem, but not enough that you experience splashback. Experiment with what works best for you, and remember that each piece (and person) is different.

Grind the Flower Properly

How fine you grind your flower can make or break your next smoke sesh. Grind it too fine, and it becomes a powder that burns quickly and falls through the bowl. Don't grind it enough, and you risk an inconsistent burn and every smoker's worst nightmare: wasted flower.

Aim for around 1-2 mm, and invest in a good grinder if you haven't already. You may even notice an increase in potency once you achieve your perfect grind!

Use the Ice Catcher

One of the best parts of a water pipe is the cooling effect of the water filtration. Next time, drop some ice down the mouthpiece to add another layer of cool to your smoke sesh.

It's great for newer smokers or friends taking a guest toke on your Red Eye Tek® bong. Best of all, there's no cleanup necessary as the ice melts directly into the water below.

Pull Slow and Steady

Maintaining a smooth and consistent pull is a crucial part of building the perfect hit. It allows your flower to evenly combust, preventing patchy burnt spots or flower getting pulled through the bowl. It also avoids overloading chokepoints on your bong, as narrow percolators and diffusion slits filter the smoke before it hits the mouthpiece.

Another suggestion is to remove the pull-out slowly. It controls the airflow of the water pipe, and prevents smoke from escaping the bong before you inhale.

Ripping a massive bowl might look cool for your friends, but true veteran smokers are all about the long game. Slow, steady, and consistent is the key.

Take Some Deep Breaths

After you load your bowl, try something different. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath.

Doing this will open your diaphragm and expand your lung capacity. That reduces the likelihood of coughing and allows you to finish the whole bowl. You'll also be adding extra oxygen into your system, which will keep you feeling great with every hit.

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